Real Estate Branding, Sales and Letting

A. Creation of Unique Brands

Redefining lifestyle largely involves shaping identities and perceptions. What people think has a marked impact on the value of a development. As the development takes on an identity its own, we actively shape and guide it through a comprehensive brand development process. We effectively express the unique aspects of the development so the world can appreciate its value.

B. Sales and Letting
Strategic management of the marketing and sales processes plays a key role in enhancing revenues. It addresses sales phasing, sales launch releases, CRM lead follow-up and sales pipeline management. We use effective marketing tactics and execution consistently to generate leads that convert to sales and enhanced revenue generation.
C. Tenant Co-ordination

The ensure occupancy within the given project timelines, we oversee and ensure that tenants work on their fit-outs according to pre-agreed specifications and timelines. This includes approval of designs and contractors, handing over of premises to the tenant and continuously monitoring fit-out progress to ensure completion and adherence to landlord specifications.